Juvenile Diversion Job Description

Job Announcement: Juvenile Diversion Coordinator

This is a part-time position with the Routt County District Attorney’s Office responsible for the coordination of the Juvenile Diversion Program Routt County Diversion is an accountability program that offers juvenile offenders from the ages of 10-17 an opportunity to learn from their mistakes, provide an alternative to appearing before the Court, avoid a juvenile criminal record and reduce possibility of re-offending.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Review juvenile offense reports and make recommendations to the District Attorney for program participation.
  • Interview juvenile, parent(s) and all involved agencies (school, law enforcement, social services) to assess appropriate sanctions and needs.

  • Create Diversion Contracts specific to each juvenile offender.

  • Meet regularly with juveniles to discuss and monitor compliance with contract conditions and goals.

  • Obtain, review and discuss attendance records, treatment status/progress reports with school officials, treatment agencies, juveniles and their families, and others involved with juveniles

  • Refer juveniles and families to juvenile and family counseling, alcohol and drug assessments and counseling and other programs to address specific needs of juveniles and families.

  • Attend meetings of area agencies involved in addressing juvenile issues, problems and development of preventative programs. Attends workshops, seminars and training programs to maintain current working knowledge of juvenile related treatment, supervision and preventative programs.

  • Keep and track juvenile offense records in Routt County for program evaluation purposes.

  • Assist District Attorney Office in any way requested: typically secretarial in nature, answer phones, filing, etc.

    Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, or a closely related field and three (3)

  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Access.

    Preferred Skills

  • Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing.

  • Achieve and maintain effective relationships with clients/families, other professionals and the general public.

  • practice effective time management, exhibit strong organizational skills, and execute effective conflict resolution and crisis intervention.

    Working Conditions:

    The work environment for this position is generally an office setting with some fieldwork. Most duties

    are performed while sitting at a desk, table or workstation.